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Veo is the ultimate camera for team sports. Record and live-stream your matches automatically and take your game a level up.
Introducing Veo Cam 2, live-streaming and Veo Analytics

The new Veo experience.
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Veo Cam 2

  • Powerful NVIDIA chipset
  • Instant access
  • Live-streaming


  • Share live with friends, family, and fans
  • Control the live match experience
  • Watch with the new Veo Live app

Veo Editor

  • AI detects match events
  • New pro tools with Veo Analytics
  • Give feedback to your players

Changing the game with game-changing technology.

Trusted by teams from Sunday League to Champions League

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Record and live-stream your football matches automatically with Veo.

Analyse your matches and training sessions. Create highlights, tag your players and give feedback on their performance on Veo’s easy-to-use, interactive editor.

AI detects critical events like goals, kickoff, corner kicks, and free kicks.

Live-stream your matches with Veo’s app and watch them on the new Veo Live app!

Record and analyze basketball games in no time
- Without the need for a camera operator

Want to take your game to another level?

Veo is the complete and affordable camera solution for basketball teams on all levels. The camera records, on its own, games and practices that help you get better on the court.

Set it up, press record, and focus on your team.

Our camera records with two super sharp 4K lenses that capture the action at a wide 180-degree angle in excellent video quality. Want to see how your point guard got caught on a screen, or how your center could have boxed out better? Veo is for you.

Analyze your games. Analyze your practices. Create highlights. Tag players. Provide feedback.

Veo is the all-in-one basketball tool you need to level up your game permanently.

Get better today.
  • Veo Live is coming for basketball in 2022.
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Veo is the ideal solution to automatically film rugby

Record and analyse rugby without the need for a camera operator. Create highlights, tag your players and give feedback on their performance on Veo’s easy-to-use, interactive editor.

When your match is processed, AI automatically detects tries, conversions, and penalties.

Recording and analysing rugby has never been easier!
  • Veo Live coming for rugby in 2022.
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