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Veo Cam 2

How long does the battery life last? 
How long does it take to charge the battery?
Does the camera have the ability to record while charging?
Is the charging of the new camera USB-C?
How much storage space is there on the camera?
How does the camera connect to the Internet?
Can a BlueTooth microphone be connected to the camera?
Is the camera weatherproof?
Can the Wi-Fi be strengthened to use from a centralized location at a facility?
What is the resolution of the output video with Veo Cam 2 (pixel density)?
Does Veo provide a SIM to use with Veo Cam 2?
Is it possible to insert any carrier's 4G SIM into the camera?
Does the Veo Cam 2 still need to be cable connected to upload to the platform or can this now be done via WiFi?

Veo Camera App

Can I access my recording directly after the match?
Can I view highlights and analyse my game through ‘Instant Access’? 
Do I need to use Wi-Fi to connect the Camera App to the camera?
Does Veo Cam 2 have a slot for a SIM card or what is the attachment to run live with Cam 2.0?
Can I monetize my live-stream through pay-per-view or sponsors/advertising?
How do I set up the live-stream in the Camera App?
What can I do in ‘producer view’?
Will I be able to add another person to control the “producer view”?

Veo Live

Does the camera come with a data plan or do I need my own?
How good is the quality of the live-stream video?
Will AI be able to automatically detect goals and other events while live-streaming?
Can a coach show highlights during half time?
When is the live-streaming capability expected for other sports?
Is the Live App available for both Android and iOS?
Will anyone be able to view my live stream?
Will viewers be able to watch the live stream on TV?
Will viewers be notified when our live stream starts? 
Can the live video be streamed outside of the Veo Live App (e.g. Facebook or YouTube)?
Can I see upcoming matches?
Can I see previously live-streamed matches?
Can I livestream a training session?
Is there a latency of the live-stream to real-time?
Can I live-stream with my old camera?
How does live-streaming work? Is it possible to stream directly to platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Livescroe etc.?
How many people would be able to watch the live stream contemporarily?
Can you add live commentary to your streams?
How much data a 90 minute live stream will consume?
Live-streaming in remote areas? How do we know streaming will work?
Can you do live tagging?
Can I download the video to share?
What does instant access mean, and how does it work?

Veo Editor

What additional AI highlights are available?
If I am using both a Veo Cam 1 and Veo Cam 2, will my recordings be uploaded to the same Editor platform?
Which browsers are supported?
Are these features available on phones?
Why do the features show Left/Right instead of teams?
Is it possible to only play the situations where my team is attacking?
Does Veo Analytics work for other sports (ex.: field hockey, rugby, basketball, handball etc.)?
Can I have Veo Analytics only for 1 of my cameras?
Can Veo Analytics be used on a player level? (individual player heat maps, meters run, number of passes etc.)

Other questions

Can I sell my Veo Cam 1 privately and have the new owner register it?
What's the difference between Veo Cam 1 and Veo Cam 2?

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