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June 2022

Veo Cam 2

Live-streaming, instant access and stunning video quality.
Veo is revolutionising sports recording … again.

Handbuilt in
Great video
Built-in battery
& storage
180 degress

New cooling system

Veo Cam 2 is built to perform at full power in all conditions and has a new and effective cooling system. The cooling system circulates external air, which continuously keeps the Veo Cam 2 cool – even in the warmest conditions.

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Hydrophobic lens covers

The lens covers repel water, so when water hits the glass, it drips off quickly and won’t have any consequences on the recording.

The Veo Cam 2 is fully water-resistant and has an IP rating of 54.

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Powerful NVIDIA chipset

At Veo, we constantly improve our AI technology to deliver the most consistent, high-quality, and fully automated sports production. To make this possible, we teamed up with NVIDIA and put the world's smallest AI supercomputer into every new Veo Cam 2.

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Improved microphones

The improved directional microphones have noise-reducing filters and are directed to enhance game sounds. With the increased microphone quality, Veo ensures that everything important is recorded. When you watch the recording, it feels like you’re in the middle of the pitch!

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USB-C connection

Veo Cam 2 has an easy-to-use one-button interface and is charged with a simple USB-C connection. That single port can both power your Veo Cam 2 and connect you to the internet.

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4G and WiFi connected

Veo Cam 2 has a built-in 4G/LTE modem to stream your match live. To connect to the internet on the pitch, you simply insert a sim card, and Veo Cam 2 takes care of everything.

You can also connect, upload and live-stream through WiFi and via ethernet cable.

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Veo Cam 2 will take grassroots sport to the next level

The world’s first portable AI camera that can automatically live-stream your match

Instant access

Access your recording instantly on Veo Editor.

* Coming in 2022

Instant playback

Watch the action immediately in Veo’s app.

Water resistant

Veo Cam 2 is fully water-resistant and has an IP rating of 54.

Record while charging

Charge Veo Cam 2 while it’s recording.


Record up to four hours in one charging.


128 GB storage - enough for more than six football matches.

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