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Veo Analytics is coming to the Veo Editor in the end of 2021 and will be available for both Veo Cam 1 and Veo Cam 2.

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Veo Editor comes with lots of cool features.

Essential AI event detection

When the match is processed, our Artificial Intelligence automatically detects goals, kickoffs and half-time, so you can spend less time searching and more time analysing.

Control the view

Take control of the camera and pan and zoom in the video. Turn the view away from the ball and focus on the players away from the action.

Draw on screen

Illustrate the feedback for your players with simple shapes, lines and arrows on the screen for a more visual and engaging learning experience.

Tag players and comment on highlights

Tag your players in highlights and make comments for the whole team or private messages to players to help them reach their potential.

Create your own highlights

Besides the AI-detected highlights, you can also create your own highlights with unrestricted time stamps and download and share it.

Directed highlights

Take over the camera and direct your own highlights. With Directed highlights, every single player on the pitch can be in focus – all the time.

Private highlights

Choose to make your highlights and matches private, so only you and your team can see them.

Player profiles

Get your own individual player profile page with every highlight you’ve created, and share it with scouts and recruiters.

Unlimited storage

Unlimited cloud storage of your recordings lets you build an archive of your matches and training sessions.

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